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Mathios Stone FAQ
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Where can I find installation instructions?2021-04-18T16:02:04+03:00

Instructions may be viewed or downloaded here or found in each package of Mathios Stone.

Can Mathios Refractories S.A. undertake tailor made orders?2021-04-18T16:00:54+03:00

Although the Mathios Stone collection offers a vast variety of choices and it keeps following the newest trends, some tastes might not be covered. We would be happy to receive your request. A highly proficient and creative team consisting of people from the Production, the Sales and the Marketing teams will come up with proposals tailored to your needs.

How can I repair Mathios Stone in case of damage?2021-04-18T15:58:10+03:00

Mathios Stone can be repaired by applying liquid paints with a brush. Paints must be approved and provided by our company. In any case, you can easily replace the damaged stone. For further information and details please contact us by email or phone. Our experts will assess your case and suggest you the most suitable solution.

How can I clean Mathios Stone if it’s been marked during installation?2021-04-18T15:57:15+03:00

Use a wet sponge to remove the stain as soon as possible.

Where is the nearest Mathios Stone dealer to me?2021-04-18T15:56:17+03:00

Mathios stone is exported to more than 50 countries through a large distribution network. You are kindly requested to send us an email at mathios@mathios.com  or give us a call at +30 210 4913502. We will be happy to inform you about the point of sale closest to you.

Where can I find more information about Mathios Stone products?2021-04-18T15:55:25+03:00

You can always download the Mathios Stone catalogue, via our website. Also please feel free to phone or visit our company’s official representatives and specialized sellers.

Are Mathios Stone products flammable?2021-04-18T15:52:26+03:00

No, because they consist of non flammable natural raw materials.

Is there any possibility for humidity or extremely weather conditions to cause problems to Mathios Stones?2021-04-18T15:50:19+03:00

Mathios Stone are highly resistant to frost and corrosive environments such as acid rain and NaCl. However, special attention should be paid to the uniform application of the adhesive on the surface of Mathios Stones and the substrate. No gaps must be left, in order to avoid unwanted detachments in case of exposure to freezing conditions.

For extra protection against extreme weather conditions Mat-protect is recommended to be used following the instructions of use and the safety data sheet of the product.

What installation efficiency may Mathios Stone offer?2021-04-18T15:36:48+03:00

Installing Mathios Stone is much more easier than setting up natural stones. Indicatively, Mathios Stone can cover a 8 m² – 15 m² surface per day while natural stones 5 m² per day. Due to their coarse back surface as well as their lower weight per unit area, Mathios Stones provide stronger adhesion and increased delamination strength to various substrates.

What materials are used for tilling Mathios Stone and for the joints?2021-04-18T15:35:47+03:00

The materials suggested by Mathios Refractories SA are the mortar Mat Build and the tile adhesives Extra Stone Glue and Easy Glue. In some cases where increased adhesion, elasticity, or flexibility is required, we recommend mixing mortar and tile adhesive with plasticiser emulsion as a partial substitute for water. With regards to grouting, the use of Mat Build mortar, which is available in various colors and granulometry, is highly advised.

Can Mathios Stones be installed on any kind of surface and material?2021-04-18T15:35:02+03:00

Due to its lightweight, Mathios stone can be installed on diverse surfaces: thermal insulation, Bricks, Brick Slips, Walls, Gypsum Boards, Cement, Wood, Glass, Tile and Precast products. It is advised to properly prepare the mounting surface with the given adhesive in order to create durable adhesion between the Mathios Stone and the substrate.

Will Mathios Stone fade over time because of the sunlight?2021-04-18T15:34:07+03:00

No. The iron oxides used for the coloring are integrated with the mass of Mathios Stone. This makes Mathios Stone veneers extremely high resistant to combined corrosive conditions.

Does Mathios Stone meet Building Code requirements?2021-04-18T15:33:22+03:00

The properties and specifications of Mathios Stone comply with the requirements of US and European Union building regulations relating to those products.

The production process of Mathios Stone is certified in accordance with American and European standards. It also meets the applicable acceptance criteria of their main properties surpassing all existing quality and regulatory requirements at national, European and global level.

The Mathios Refractories SA is ranked at the top of companies, as it produces artificial stone and products while complying with the most exacting worldwide standards.

What are the main advantages of using Mathios Stone instead of real stone?2021-04-18T15:32:30+03:00
  • Mathios Stone has been engineered to provide additional heat and sound insulation.
  • Mathios Stone corner pieces yield a natural and extraordinary aesthetic effect.
  • The installation of Mathios Stone is atidy process that does not create rubble remains that the natural stoneswould create as a by-product.
  • Easy handling because Mathios Stones are lightweight and are delivered in packed cartons of precise dimensions.
  • Mathios Stones can be installed much faster than the natural stones as it is properly designed to give the aesthetical result withoutusing additional configurations such as cutting or carving. Each stone veneer composition consists of pieces of specific dimensions to guide the technician during the installation process.
  • Mathios Stones are much lighter than natural stones (about 60%).
  • Available in a wide variety of textures, colors and sizes satisfying modern architectural demands.
  • Damaged items can be easily replaced as they are always in stock.
What are the raw materials of Mathios Stone?2021-04-18T15:31:29+03:00

Mathios Stones are produced by mixing special concrete additives, lightweight aggregate (pumice), cement and natural color pigments of the highest quality.

What Mathios Stone veneer is?2021-04-18T15:30:30+03:00

Mathios Stone is a handmade reproduction of natural stone. Our artisans traveled around the world, through rural areas, rocky mountains, grotto, canyons and pebble beaches to handpick the most beautiful stones. Next, special molds were designed for every single stone in order to capture each texture to even the tiniest detail. Following this, each stone is handpainted depicting all colour nuances found in the colour palette of nature.

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