ARC-CENTER is recently an Egyptian Branch for ARC-CENTER KSA. It has been established to serve the Egyptian market…

Attached all the pre-qualification for ARC-CENTER EGYPT/KSA for reference.

Faisal Al-Sulimany EST. In Riyadh and Jeddah was established in 1975 representing different international companies offering a wide range of selected items for outdoor and indoor finishing.

We are promoting the following list of high quality with a long-term consolidating guarantee, supported with technical data sheets and laboratory tests with professional practical installation advice.

Marble & Granite Manufacture Stone Veneer, Sandstone, Flex Stone, Slate, Fossils Slate, Clay Roof Tiles, Slate Roof Tiles, (Copper & Antique Finish Shingles), Pebbles & Cobble stone, Rubber Floors, Glass Mosaic, Sodalite Blue Granite, light paving stone, LEDs light Glass, Artistic lightning, Sculptures Fountains.

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